It was an olive twig that the dove brought back to Noah, after the flood. An olive branch will always be a symbol of wisdom and peace and right through history olives nourished the body and olive oil was used in diets, as a cleanser, as medicine, for lighting and about a 1001 other uses.

The Darling Olives estate consists of roughly 70 hectares of dry land olives with about 400 trees per hectare. Being situated about 15km from the ocean as the crow flies, our olive trees only get the cool Atlantic breeze and rain, and are never irrigated. The olives are therefore not artificially fattened with water, but the roots of the trees grow deep into the soil for moisture, resulting in healthy and very tasty olives.
It takes any cultivar between 5 to 7 years to start producing and 10 to 12 years to come into full production. With our dry land olives, it can be up to 20 years for a tree to mature.

Today we have a fully FSA audited factory processing about 100 tons of table olives, all from our own farm, as well as producing our own olive oils. We are passionate about each of our products and making sure they are of the highest quality is very important to us.

Available exclusively at Mugan/Ontdek Trading in Asia.

Darling virgin

Darling lemon

Darling garlic

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